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you've given me a heart like a gun [entries|friends|calendar]
a heart like a gun

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Stamped! [2004 18 Sep :: 09:19am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Why Hello all you beautiful victims out there. I haven't been active in this community in forever! I'm sorry, i like totally forgot about it, because i'm also in another community with THIS SAME NAME but with TWO underscores instead of one. So i didn't even realize you were here.
But i am back now, and with more pics!! w00h00 :) How exiciting. *winks*

Ou La laCollapse )

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new app! [2004 27 Jul :: 08:06pm]


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[2004 16 Jun :: 04:21pm]

oops! ___cuthroat
join it

[2004 16 Jun :: 04:10pm]

join! [Unknown LJ tag]

New.. I think. haha [2004 21 Mar :: 02:41am]

[ mood | amused ]

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[2004 16 Mar :: 08:41pm]


+ name: Anna

+ age: 14 (15 on the 28th)

+ location: Larchmont, Westchester County, NY

+ music interest: emo, hardcore, screamo, indie... some bands include: Brand New, Crime In Stereo, Scraps and Heart Attacks, the Blood Brothers, Eighteen Visions, Shai Hulud, the Mars Volta...


More pictures...Collapse )
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[2004 11 Mar :: 12:15pm]

join teh_obesepolice suckas
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[2004 13 Feb :: 01:40pm]

Go join gorge0us_

I read in the rules that you are allowed to promote...feel free to promote in our community as well!
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[2004 11 Feb :: 05:09pm]

haven't posted here in so long.

time slows down when you look at meCollapse )

oh, and can the mods accept/reject members?
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goodbye [2004 06 Feb :: 02:55pm]

[ mood | bored ]

this community had died
join _vanityxcore
thats where the party is at

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Yo... [2004 03 Feb :: 07:10am]

[ mood | content ]

I got all yes back when I applied in December but I still haven't got a stamp:\ So am I in or not?

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new [2004 31 Jan :: 02:49pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

+ name: lucy
+ age: 15
+ location: toronto
+ music interest: converge, the blood brothers, daughters,nora, bikini kill, pretty girls make graves, as i lay dying, glassjaw,deftones, dillinger escape plan,killswitch,skycamefalling, minus, every time i die, no doubt's tragic kingdom cd, the beatles [they make me smile]. :.a wide range of music.=]
+ anything else you might want us to know.
/. i need a hair cut
/.i am the octopus queen.
/.i enjoy school for the most part
/.i like to clean.it makes me feel like Mary Poppins.
/. i am czech.
Joan was quizzical, studied pataphysical science in the home.Collapse )

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? [2004 27 Jan :: 11:00pm]

soooooooo...... does this mean i'm stamped? oooooor what?
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stamped sucka [2004 27 Jan :: 05:33pm]

[ mood | bored ]

boredCollapse )

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Vampires+Guns=Sex [2004 25 Jan :: 07:15pm]

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<img src='http://img2.photobucket.com/albums/v11/cosmicboyjeffu/vampgun2.jpg' /img>
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[2004 22 Jan :: 01:37am]


can i be stamped please
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[2004 18 Jan :: 11:48am]

Hey everyone. I'm just letting everyone know that this is Caitlin and my account frozentears21 won't be used anymore. I just changed my LJ name, so add me to the community. Thanks.
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NEW [2004 15 Jan :: 02:14am]

+ name: Abby
+ age: 19
+ location: Portland, ME & Worcester, MA
+ music interest: pixies, the cure, ben kweller, ani difranco, damien rice, nada surf, elliott smith, duran duran, hey mercedes, kill hannah, hot rod circuit, postal service, death cab, rainer maria, taking back sunday, the unicorns

hit itCollapse )
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NEW [2004 15 Jan :: 01:48am]

+ name: Abby
+ age: 19
+ location: Portland, ME & Worcester, MA
+ music interest: pixies, the cure, ben kweller, ani difranco, damien rice, nada surf, elliott smith, duran duran, hey mercedes, kill hannah, hot rod circuit, postal service, death cab, rainer maria, taking back sunday, the unicorns

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STAMPED SUCKA [2004 08 Jan :: 09:02am]

[ mood | vain ]

<3Collapse )

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.glitter glam. [2004 02 Jan :: 08:31pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hello, I'm new so here's some information about me. Feel free to ad me if you wish.
+ Name - Sophie
+ Age - 15
+ Location - Ontario
+ Musik - My ruin, jack off jill, chevelle, no doubt, scarling, daisy chainsaw, queen adreena, veruca salt, kittie, placebo, switchblade symphony etc.
+ Other - I'm into trashy glamour, hair extensions, hair tubing, glitter, black liquid eyeliner, fake eyelashes, and i'm open to a lot of things.

[fogive me for not - being pretty or sexy - but got never blessed me]Collapse )
Oh, and please dont mind if they are blurry or what now, my webcam is a real bitch and I'll just have to deal with it until I get my digital cam up and transfering images. And if you have any constructive critism, I'm up for it. <33 to all you lovelies.

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[2003 30 Dec :: 05:49pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]


sorry if this isn't allowed. feel free to delete it. i don't mind if you promote your community in mine.

x-posted [2003 30 Dec :: 03:48pm]

[ mood | nude ]

yo...nudity behind the cut.Collapse )

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[2003 28 Dec :: 07:51pm]

I'm leaving.

P.S. Join flaunt_it

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Newbie* [2003 26 Dec :: 03:04am]

[ mood | energetic ]

Name :: Zoe

Age :: Seventeen

Location :: Dayton, Ohio

Music Interests :: After School Knife Fight, Beloved, Across Five Aprils, Hot Hot Heat, Death Cab For Cutie, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Sparta, LoveLostButNotForgotten, City Of Caterpillar, Indian Summer, Forstella Ford, From Autumn to Ashes, Give Up The Ghost

Big photos...♥Collapse )

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in the recovery room i wrote a list of all the ways that you're beautiful [2003 20 Dec :: 07:18pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

+ name <3 Ashley Lynn
+ age <3 18
+ location <3 Orlando Florida
+ music interest <3 Blood for Blood, The Bled, Minor Threat, Sage Francis, Spital Field, Daughters, American Nightmare, and 10 Yard Fight
hi-fives with butcher knivesCollapse )

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[2003 20 Dec :: 06:56pm]

[ mood | bored ]

+ name: Jocelyn
+ age: 16
+ location: Connecticut
+ music interest: The Early November, TBS, Yellowcard, The Starting Line, Motion City Soundtrack, Bright Eyes, A Second Chance, Something Corporate, Matchbook Romance, Reggie and the Full Effect, Jimmy Eat World, Blink182, Story of the Year, Mest, Brand New, The Used, Senses Fail, MxPx, Thursday.....yadda..

I draw the line for me.Collapse )

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[2003 17 Dec :: 11:43am]

[ mood | vain ]

+ name- christie
+ age- 16
+ location- eugene, oregon
+ music interest-bjork,bikni kill,norma jean,the blood brothers,me without you,sleater-kinney,the postal service,the cure,YYY's..and a bunch more

vanityCollapse )

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stamped.. new pictures.. [2003 16 Dec :: 05:40pm]

Hott Sex <3Collapse )
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New [2003 13 Dec :: 08:33am]

[ mood | drained ]

Name: Dana
Age: 16
Location: Trenton, NJ
Music Interest: 40 Below Summer, Vice Squad, Jack Off Jill, A Fire Inside, Mindless Self Indulgence, Adema

Close your eyes and come with me to a new place where we are unstoppableCollapse )

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stamped... hadn't posted in a while. sorry. [2003 09 Dec :: 01:54pm]

hmmmCollapse )
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[2003 07 Dec :: 03:09am]

Hey everyone my name is Wes. Yea saw this community on a friends info and decided to try it out. I live in New Orleans and im 18 years old.
I like sports,girls and music like glassjaw, brand new, taking back sunday, yellowcard, thursday, death cab for cutie & more....comment on my journal if you ever want to talk bout whatever. Peace

MeCollapse )
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I Just Joined :) [2003 26 Nov :: 08:49pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

:Name: Bre
:Age: 16
:Location: Georgia
:Music Interest: I actually like all kinds of music. Britney, Christina, Nickleback, J-lo, The Used, Simple Plan, Eminem, 50 Cent, John Mayer, Justin, JayZ, Ying Yang Twins, OutKast Etc.. :)

Click Below For My Pictures <3 posted new ones..just fyi

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Heavy Lightness, Serious Vanity, Misshapen Chaos Of Well-Seeming Forms..... [2003 26 Nov :: 06:37pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

+ Name: Jen
+ Age: 16 (yeah..I'm young, but hot)
+ Location? Utah
+ Music Interest: The Cure, Blood Brothers, Bright Eyes, The Early November, Poison The Well, The Faint, Hot Hot Heat, IMA ROBOT....
A little about me....I love the 80's...hair.....boys kissing...rain.....

vanityCollapse )

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app. [2003 23 Nov :: 12:43am]

+ name: Kristina
+ age: 16
+ location: Western Washington
+ music interest: Yellowcard, Jack Johnson, Modest Mouse, Sigur Ros, Le Tigre, Finding Westerly, Wade... just to name a few.

ATTENTION, I like to bring out the humor in everything, so my photos have some sense of humor to them, that's just how my life is. So if you don't like them, that's fine, but if you find them funny, that's good. I LOVE making people laugh!!

behind door number one...Collapse )

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new. [2003 20 Nov :: 10:36pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

+ name: jen
+ age: 19
+ location: missouri
+ music interest: lots of stuff, but mostly AFI, NOFX, Bad Religion, Sublime, Alkaline Trio, & old Weezer

rock this bitch.Collapse )

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newbie [2003 18 Nov :: 10:53pm]
-name: Rachel
-age: 16
-location: Albany, NY
-music interests: thursday, thrice, early november, coheed and cambria, a static lullaby, alkaline trio, cursive, bright eyes, my chemical romance, story of the year, straylight run
-other: i'm an actor. i act. a lot. and i sing opera
p-p-p-picturesCollapse )
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new. [2003 16 Nov :: 10:50am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Lauren>15>NC. I'm gay & taken4life :D I love music> punk.emo.screamo.ska.techno&etc. Fav bands are> old-school No Doubt, Saves the Day, The Juliana Theory, MxPx, Death Cab For Cutie, Yellowcard, Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, Mae, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Nirvana, Garbage, Coheed & Cambria, The Early November, Senses Fail, Hot Hot Heat, Gob, Fall Out Boy & about a gazillion more.

eye candy?Collapse )

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NEW!! [2003 16 Nov :: 08:03pm]

 Don't waste your touch, you won't feel anythingCollapse )
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fire_engine_red linked me to here - so i decided to post. [2003 16 Nov :: 05:26am]

[ mood | dorky ]

+ name: LeAnn
+ age: 18
+ location: San Antonio, TX
+ music interest(s): i <3 music. all of it. jazz. rap. electronica. rock. ska. etc.

..:.. oh yeah ..:..Collapse )

I'm an indecisive picture whore. excuse moi.

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New. [2003 15 Nov :: 11:55pm]

Shelby. Seventeen. Canada.Collapse )
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[2003 15 Nov :: 08:18pm]
+ Elizabeth
+ 15
+ NC
+ rock, punk, metal, 80's, goth/industial

LollirotCollapse )
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... [2003 07 Nov :: 09:24pm]

Name: MAtt
age: twenty
Location: Orlando.
music: taking back sunday. your day strong. unsung zeros. story of the year. the used etc.
what else do you wanna know? I'm the best. period .

i'm new. love meCollapse )
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stamped & mod [2003 07 Nov :: 04:02pm]

i haven't posted here in so long. i think it's time i put up some new pictures.. mhmm.

you're only pretty when you're cryingCollapse )
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[2003 06 Nov :: 03:07pm]

Hey... I'm new. My name is Dana, I'm almost 16, and I live in NJ. I'm into almost any types of music, from Oi! to Top 40 to Murder Rap.

Why is it every move I make turns out to be a bad one?Collapse )
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x-posted STAMPED and a MOD post dont vote on me [2003 05 Nov :: 03:49pm]


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NEW [2003 03 Nov :: 10:16pm]

[ mood | tired ]

title or description
Bondage BabyCollapse )

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[2003 01 Nov :: 06:05pm]

heres some random pics of me...

Read more...Collapse )
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New [2003 30 Oct :: 08:56am]

[ mood | content ]

Read more...Collapse )

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tricialicious made me do it! [2003 28 Oct :: 09:54pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Here are some pics...dont know if you'll approve or not.

the rest
Read more...Collapse )

enjoy? lol

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